123Movies – Download & Watch Latest Bollywood, Hollywood Movies, TV Shows Online Free

123Movies – Download & Watch Latest Bollywood, Hollywood Movies, TV Shows Online Free

If you often watch movies online, it is not possible that you haven’t heard about website 123movies. 123movies is india’s most pupular movie downloading website which recieve maximum number of traffic among all the movie downloading website. It has monthly searches around 2 million which is very big number. This website also provides latest upcoming bollywood, tamil, telgu, south, malyalam movies to download or watch online for free. The best part of 123movies website is that user don’t need to do any registration or pay any charges to download or watch movie from this website. All content on this website are completely free. This website basically provide pirated movies and promote privacy which is totally an illegal practice in digital world.

On 123movies website you can find latest tamil, telgu, south leaked movies online from where user can easily download movie and watch it thourgh their pc or mobile at home. Some time this website provide latest movies in HD format before the actual release date of the movie. In this way people can easily watch latest movie at home without going to theatre. Due to this website many production houses were facing very big loss in their movies revenue. That why they reported this website and goverment of india banned this website from online access. But the 123movies website owner were very cleaver. They lounched there second website with the same name 123movies but with different extension name. Starting with .com it moved over to .net, .to, .la, .cc, .ac, .cz, .be, .nu, .nz and currently goes with 123movies.asia .

Goverment took many action against this website but still goverment not able to stop this website completely. They guys lounched another website after getting current website ban. Also they continuosly changes their server and ip location so that they doesn’t get tracked by police.

123movies latest movie download.

123movies provides it users to download all type of format like HD, Mp4, 300mb dual audio movies etc. This website have well managed cotagories of movies in which movies are arrangned alphabatically. This is basically a torrent website. Since this website promote privacy of movies therefore goverment of india banned this website from access in india. But user can easily access this website ussing proxy server. Ussing a proxy server user can change their online location to other country from where user can access this website.

How to download movie from 123movies?

Downloading movies from 123movies website is very easy becouse this website arranged all movies in well managed order. This website have catogories of all bollywood, tollywood, tamil, telgu, malyalam, hollywood movies. When you go to these catogories you will find all movies arranged alphabatically order A to Z with thumbnail. which movies you want to download click on that movie then you will redirected to main movies download page. There you can find two option either you can download movie from there or you can watch movie online.

How 123movies website earn money ?

123movies website earn money thourgh advertisement. 123movies website recieve millions of traffic (5M to 10M) in a single months. To handle such a high traffic they need to buy a dedicated server which is very costly. Therefore 123movies website is monetize with a advertising network. There are many advertising network online ussing which you can monetize your website. 123movies website also did the same. They uses pop-ads network to monetize there website. Google is the best advertising network among all online advetising network. But movie downloading website didn’t follow google adsence policies. Therefore 123movies uses pop-ads network to earn money. 123movies earn 1 million to 1.5 million doller in a single month.

123movies website all URL link

123movies frequently changes their domain name , become safe from being traced by the cyber cell, Anti- piracy cell, or already being blocked by the Indian government using Telecom department , Internet service providers- ISP or Search Engine Providers platform – SEP. if you search 123movies website new link then you will find thousands of link od this website. But please keep in mind Downloading movies from this website is completely illegal. At the same time, you can also get punishment for this. This is because this website is a Movie Pirated Site whose job is to do the piracy of Original Movies, or original content.

www3.123movies.la ww1.123movies.domains
123movies.co 123movies.hub
123movies.to 123movies.is
123movies.sa 123movies.re
123movies.cx 123movies.ok
123movies.domain watch123movies.com
go123movies.co 123moviesto.co
new123movies.co w1.123movies.co

123Movies – Types of movie available

123Movies website upload hollywood, bollywood, tollywood, telgu, malyalam, tamil movie in dual languages. It also upload movie is various format like 320p, 720p, 1024p, . 123Movies also have different types of genres like love, romance, war, action, thriller, lifestyle, Drama , Humor, fantasy, sci-fi, comedy. All movies are arranged by year, genre, language, format etc. 123Movies upaload movies on demand of user. If a user didn’t find a particular movie in the colllections then user can request a movie to upload. The best thing of 123Movies website is that, they upload movie in 300mb format. this format has very low size of movie for small screen like mobile phone. Most of the user watch movies on their mobile phone so there is no need to download movies in HD quality. HD movie are very big in size and take more internet data to download. So if you watch movies on mobile phone then 300mb format is enough for mobile screen to watch movie in high quality. It save time and mobile internet data as well.

Why you should not download movie from this 123Movies ?

Now, you all have known that 123Movies is a pirated movie website. That is why goverment of india has ban this website many times. As you know a film making takes lots of hard work and money. Film production house invest there money on film just beocuse they want to earn more in after movie release. That is why they release their movies in theatre and people have to buy ticket for this. But due to this website film industry suffers a lot in terms of money loss. This website upload every new release movies on their server from where people can easily watch this movie for free. That is why many people dont want to go to theatre. In this way film makers industry Production Houses and and their team faces lots of issue collecting revenues from their newly officially released film. Their Originality have less value and Pirated copyrighted movies become easily access so that people are not interested to spend a single money and time on Cinema Halls or Theater. for the film-makers, it causes a lot of damage because they do not get any result of so much hard work. So watching movies and downloading in such free time is absolutely wrong beocuse it promote piracy.

Danger lies using 123Movies :

Using these kind of movie downloading website always have chances to getting infected By Malicious software, Virus Like Spyware, Rootkit, phishing link, Malware etc. You have seen many times, that when you click on any link on these website then unwanted software automatically begin to download in your computer. These software which automatically download just are nothing but some Malicious software, Virus Like Spyware, Rootkit, phishing link, Malware , which are program by hacker to steel personal information like your credit and debit card and net banking information from your computer. This Malicious software run in background and continuously send your personal information to hackers. So we will recommend you not to use this type of website for downloading movie. There many genuine and safe platform available online to watch movies online. You have to very small amount of annual membership fee after that you can watch unlimited movies. All these paid platform provide you best experience and the most important thing is that they are free from annoying ads and Malicious software etc.


Warning : – We don’t support piracy not encourage or promote it. We strongly against piracy and wrong activity, All these information has been published for General awareness and educational purposes only. Piracy of any original content is a punishable offense under Indian law . This content is for reference purposes only and wish2everyone.com claims no ownership of this content. Also wish2everyone.com does not support or promote piracy in any manner, It is for Educational and awareness purposes only, So that General people know the truth and stay away from these kind illegal piracy websites and activity.

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